Learn To Sail St. John

learn to sail st john Crystal clear water, deserted island beaches, comfortable trade winds, and panoramic bliss are what you can expect to find. Stretched out all around you, the yachtsmen’s dream. The Virgin Islands unique geography provides for the best sailing waters in the Western Hemisphere. Ideal Anchorages, line of sight sailing, consistent waters, and great diving would just be scratching the surface in explaining this one of a kind sailing experience.

sail st johnSo you’re asking yourself, “how does this stuff work?” Your Captain is going to be more than happy to show you the art of sailing. Sailing is a passion, and for most sailors in the Virgin Isalnds, it’s the reasons they are here. Learn the basics and get a little time behind the wheel! Find out about how using the wind works, simple navigation, and what some of those slang sailor words mean! Have fun with it, include yourself only as much as you’d like!

Almost all sailing yachts will let you help ‘man the helm’ or ‘hoist the mainsail’–if you get the chance–try it! It’s the memory of a lifetime!

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