Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

With the use of a mask and snorkel you can float on the surface and admire marine life below or super snorkel and explore from under water. View gorgeous coral reefs and an abundance of fish. Snorkel from the beaches or off a day boat rental!

st john snorkelingSnorkeling: The best way to find good snorkeling on St John is to be adventurous and willing to explore off the beaten path. Here are some great places to snorkel:

Snorkeling at Waterlemon Cay
Water Lemon is a great place to explore because of the little cay itself with its sandy beach and the incredible marine life found there. Look for sea cucumbers and sea stars – commonly known as star fish.

You can drive, taxi or hitch hike to Annaberg and take a short walk out to Leinster Bay where Water Lemon Cay is just a short snorkel away. You can rest on the cay before your snorkel back to the beach.

St. John snorkeling 2If you are more adventurous try snorkeling around the cay. Watch for currents in the Sir Francis Drake Channel on the backside of the cay.

Snorkeling at Cinnamon Bay
Cinnamon Bay is patch reef and colonized hard pavement. If you snorkel out to little Cinnamon Cay you will find boulders colonized by a variety of coral and sponges. Expect to see colorful reef fish here, especially parrot fish. The stop light parrot fish male is large and very colorful while the female is camouflaged.

St. John snorkeling 3Snorkeling at Salt Pond Bay
Salt Pond has some great snorkeling. If you brave the ride, past Coral Bay, try snorkeling the left and right sides of the bay or the rock island far off the beach. For a truly unique and solitary experience hike the trail from Salt Pond toward Ram Head Point. The next beach you come to is a cobble beach covered in blue rocks from an ancient geological formation.

Snorkel off the right (S.E.) end of the beach to see massive boulders colonized by sponges and elk horn coral.

Each location is different and the fish, coral and sponges you see depends on your own ability to tune in and relax in the underwater environment.

St. John snorkeling 4There are two schools of thought when it comes to snorkeling. You can snorkel large distances and scan the underwater horizon in search of the next big fish. Or you can pick a healthy patch of coral reef and stay put, waiting for the fish to come to you. Both have their advantages.

To see our three species of sea turtles; Hawksbill, Green, and Leather Back, you will want to snorkel far and wide and scan the horizon.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned diver, Maho Bay’s Water Sports Center provides scuba diving programs, which have been carefully prepared for the safest possible enjoyment of scuba diving Caribbean waters. The activities desk at Maho Bay Camps can make all the arrangements for your ultimate scuba diving experience in some of the most beautiful waters surrounding St. John or other destinations in the area.

SCUBA DIVING ST JOHNThe U.S. Virgin Islands has once again ranked very high in Rodale’s Scuba Diving magazine’s “Readers Rate” top 100 poll. The top 100 poll ranks the top destinations in the world, according to a variety of water sports related categories.

In the U.S. Virgin Islands, divers can often find visibility up to 100 feet, affording colorful and detailed views of more than 500 species of tropical fish. Known for its low-impact, eco-friendly diving, St. John has sites, such as Eagle Shoal, Horse Shoe Reef and Leaf Lobster Hut that average 40 to 60 feet in depth and are home to thriving sea life. The island is great for snorkeling and home to the Trunk Bay Snorkel Trail, which features underwater plaques containing detailed descriptions of the amazing underwater scenery. Most of St. John is within the protected area of the US Virgin Islands National Park.

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