Looking for a great way to skim across the surface of some exceptional Caribbean water on your windsurfing board? Want to rent a board and find out what it’s all about? Then come to St. John and enjoy some of the world’s most pristine waters by taking part in what many claim to be the most exhilarating water sport around. st john windsurfingIf you have never windsurfed before in your life, don’t worry; with guides for hire upon request, you can be up on the board catching wind in your sail in virtually no time flat! Also, if you are an expert windsurfer, you’ll have plenty of water space to perform your stunts, as St. John offers some of the best and most expansive waters for windsurfing.

For the happy vacationer who is interested in trying windsurfing, one of the best spots on the island is at Cinnamon Bay. This is not only because of the great aquatic terrain provided by the wide open bay, but because most of the accessible equipment rental shops for windsurfers are found right there on the beach. In fact, there are two resorts that rent equipment in addition to the center for water sports at Cinnamon Bay. Here, you can get hour long rentals for only $15, and you will be able to choose from all different sizes so that children as well as adults can get a chance to enjoy this fun water sport. A beginner’s lesson lasts two hours and costs as little as $45!

st john windsurfing 2Aside from great scenery and reasonably priced rental equipment, St. John provides a great atmosphere for windsurfers of all skill levels who want to get out onto the water and have a great time. That’s because guides are more often than not long time residents or even locals who have a genuine love for the place. Generally, the person teaching you the best windsurfing technique knows the water inside and out, and is someone to be trusted because of the great people skills and demonstrated years of experience. In fact, many guides have lots of experience in other water sports as well, including kayaking, snorkeling and even sailing. This is important because it gives them a well-rounded sense of the place, and will convince you that they know what they are talking about.

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